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The Second Announcement

(ESSS 2016)

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The 12th International Conference of ESSS
Development of Water and Soil Resources: Challenges and Solutions
7-9 March 2016, Ismailia, Egypt

Under the umbrella of:
The International Union of Soil Sciences (IUSS)  
Organized by
Egyptian Soil Science Society (ESSS)
In conjunction with
Soil & Water Dept., Faculty of Agriculture, Suez Canal University, Ismailia, Egypt

Conference Avenue:
Faculty of Agriculture, Suez Canal University, Ismailia, Egypt
Conference Chairman:                          Prof. Dr. Omar El-Hady

National Research Center, President of ESSS

Conference Vice-Chairman:                     Prof. Dr. Ozorace Mohamed Aly

Soil & Water Dept., Faculty of Agriculture, Suez Canal University, Ismailia, Egypt

Conference General Secretary:                    Prof. Dr. Abd El-Samad Hegazy

Ain Shams University, General Sectrtary of ESSS

Conference General Co-ordinator:                   Prof. Dr. Saleh Soliman Mabrouk

Soil & Water Dept., Faculty of Agriculture, Suez Canal University, Ismailia, Egypt

All abstracts should be sent to

Prof. Elsayed Gaber



Mobile: 002-01221039177

Activities of the conference:
• Oral presentations – posters and keynote speakers.
• Field trip and visit to Suez Canal region (the cost of trip 50 LE).
• A visit to Citadel, Egyptian Museum and Pyramids in Cairo.

Dead line for the conference:
• Abstracts deadline (Early): 1.12. 2015.
• Abstracts deadline (Finally): 18.2. 2016
• The manuscripts should be written in Win XP-Microsoft word 2003 in A4 size with Arial font and the maximum words for the abstract should be NOT more than 250 words

Objectives of the conference:
  Conference will focus on soil and water resources development: its challenges and different strategies or solutions.

Topic of the Conference:
1- Soil security and global soil crisis
  •The water-energy-food nexus .
• Water, food and soil security.
2- Global Climate Changes and Natural Resources
  • Forests   • Grasslands   • Crop lands
  • Water Resources   • Soil Resources   • Bio-diversity
3-Emerging issues in soil and water management
  1- Energy Conservation and Sustainable use.
2- Policy and Regulatory Options.
3- Biofuel and other Renewable options.
4-Science and Technology in Environmental Resource Management
  1-Remote Sensing, GIS and Precision Farming
2- Eco-Biotechnology and Nano-Biotechnology .
5- Sustainable Agriculture
  1- CropProduction and Improvement    

2- Soil, Plant, and Microorganisms Relationships in Agro – ecosystems

6- Global Environmental Changes and Human Health

Biofortification, phytoremediation and bioremediation

Conference fees
Scientific Committee:
  I. Pedology, Soil Morphology, Remote Sensing and GIS
-Prof. Mohamed Moustafa Hamad
-Prof. Mohamed Ahmed Wahab
-Prof. Mohamed E. Abowaly
-Prof. Mahmoud N. Khalil
-Prof. Fathalla M. Farag
-Prof. Mahmoud M. Shendy
-Prof. Rafaat K. Yacob
  II. Soil Physics, Water Relations and Climate Changes

- Prof. Saber A. Gaheen
- Prof. Omar El-Hady
- Prof. Mohamed E. Shawky
- Prof. Mahmoud M. Ibrahim

-Prof. Aly Yousef Geneed
- Prof. Gamal A. Khalil
- Prof. Attia A. El-Gayiar
  III. Soil Chemistry, Pollution and Salt-Affected Soils

-Prof. Rafaat Souror
-Prof. Saad El-Demardash
- Prof. Mohamed R. Zanaty
- Prof. El-Husseiny A. Abu Hussein

- Prof. Fekry Awad Mosaad
-Prof. Hassan H. Abbas
- Prof. Yousef M. El-Fakharany
  IV. Soil Fertility, Fertilization and Soil Biology

-Prof. Ahmed E. El-Sherbiny
- Prof. Salah E.-D. Faizy
- Prof. Rafaat Kh. Rabie
- Prof. Ahmed H. Khatter

-Prof. Mohamed A. Khalaf
- Prof. Rezik M. Fayed
- Prof. Yehia Galal
  Organizing Committee:

Coordinator: Prof. Mohamed A. Negm
Registration: Prof. Abdelkader Abdelfattah Accommodation: Prof. Said Shaban
Transportation: Dr. Azmy Mousa

Dr. Ahmed Ibrahim

Trip: Dr. Khaled Shaban

  Financial Committee:

Coordinator: Prof. Tolba S. Abd El-Aal
Registration: Dr. Abdelrazek F. El-Nashar Accommodation: Dr. Essam Hokam 
Transportation: Dr. Samy A. Mohamed 

Dr. Mohamed A. Hassan

Trip: Dr. Said M. Nawar

  Communication Committee:

Coordinator: Prof. El-Sayed I. Gaber
Foreigners receiving: Dr. Tamer A. Elbana and Dr. Noura Bakr
Communication: Dr. Hassan El-Ramady
Book of abstracts processing: Prof. El-Sayed I. Gaber and Prof. Wafaa Eletr
Sponsors: Dr. Ahmed El-Kharboutly

Media: Prof. Mohsen Gamie and Dr. Hanan Azab

  Exhibition Committee

Coordinator: Prof. Said Hegy  
Registration: Shams El-Din Borhamy        
Receiving: Dr. Noha A. Mahgoub    

Accommodation: Dr. Sayed E. Omran
Accounting: Dr. Ashraf A. Abdelkhalek
Services: Dr. Osama Ghanem

Key note speakers

Prof. Dr. Elizabeth Pilon-Smits
Biology Department, Colorado State University,
Fort Collins, Colorado, USA
Selenium accumulation in plants: Applications and implications

Prof. Dr. Elizabeth Pilon-Smits

Prof. Dr. Miklós G. Fári
Head of plant biotechnology Dept., Debrecen University, Hungary

Title: Emerging issues in Biofuel Crops

Prof. Dr. Miklós G. Fári

Prof. Dr. Stephan Clemens
Department of Plant Physiology, University of Bayreuth, Bayreuth
Title: Molecular Mechanisms of Micronutrient Mobility and Accumulation in Higher Plants

Prof. Dr. Stephan Clemens

Prof. Dr. Eric Lichtfouse
INRA, Agroecology Unit, University of Burgundy, Dijon, France

Title: Soil carbon, a solution for climate change

Prof. Dr. Eric Lichtfouse

Prof. József Prokisch
Head of Bio- and Environmental Energetics Institute and Nanofood Lab, Debrecen University, Hungary
Title: Selenium from the Eco-Biotechnology and Nano-Biotechnology Concepts

Prof. József Prokisch