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Year Conference
2014 The 1st International Conference Climate Changes and Sustainable Development of Natural Resources Details
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2012 10th International Conference of Egyptian Soil Science Society (ESSS). and 5th International Conference of Water Requirements & Field Irrigation Department In conjunction with Government of South Australia, Rural Solutions SA Global food & Agriculture Systems Details
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2010 The 9th National Conference on “Environmental Changes and its Relation to Soil Productivity in Egypt” ESSS, October 18-20, 2010, Cairo, Egypt
2007 The 8th National Conference on “Soils and Water Studies in Sustainable Agricultural Systems” ESSS, Nov. 25-26, 2007. Cairo, Egypt
2004 The 7th National Conference on “Petroleum and the Environment” ESSS, March, 27-29 2004, Cairo, Egypt
2002 The 6th National Congress on “Towards a Strategy for Soils and Water” ESSS, Oct. 29-30, 2002, Cairo, Egypt
2000 Golden Jubilee Congress for ESSS “Soil and Sustainable Agriculture in the New Century”, Oct. 23-25, 2000, Cairo.
1997 The International Conference on “Management of Salt Affected Soils in Arid Regions” ESSS, 20-22 October, 1997 Cairo, Egypt
1995 The 5th National Congress on “Bio-Agriculture in Relation to the Environment” ESSS, November 20-21, 1995 Cairo
1991 The 4th National Congress on “Management of Soils and Water” 24-25 Oct, 1991, Cairo, Egypt
1989 The 3rd National Congress on “Management of Newly Reclaimed Soils” 24-25 Oct, 1989, Zagazig, Egypt
1987 The 2nd National Congress on “Problems and Technology for Invading Desert” Egyptian Soils Soil Science Society (ESSS), Cairo, 15-17 December 1987.
1986 Conference of the Silver Jubilee Congress for ESSS
1981 Conference on Soil Conditioners and its Use for Solving of Soil Problems
1979 Conference on Food Security
1978 Conference on Solutions for Lack of Productivity and Fertility of Sandy Soils
1975 Silver Jubilee Congress for ESSS
1973 Conference on Salt Affected Soils
1968 Conference on Calcareous Soils
1964 Conference on Fertilization