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The Second Announcement

10th International Conference of Egyptian Soil Science Society (ESSS).


5th International Conference of Water Requirements & Field Irrigation Department

In conjunction with

Government of South Australia,

Rural Solutions SA Global food & Agriculture Systems

5-8 November 2012

"Towards Optimal Utilization of Soil and Water Technologies"
Organized by
The Egyptian Soil Science Society (ESSS) and Water Requirements & Field Irrigation Department (Soil, Water and Environment Research Institute, SWERI) Agricultural Research Center (ARC)

Under the auspices of
Minister of Agriculture & Land Reclamation
Minister of High Education
Minister of Scientific Research
Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation
Minister of Environment
President of Agricultural Research Center

Conf. Avenue: International Centre for Agriculture, Ameria, Alexandria Egypt

Keynote speakers
1- Prof. Dr. Jörg Rinklebe
Title presentation:
Biogeochemistry of trace elements in floodplain soils

2- Prof. Miklós G. Fári, DSc.
University of Debrecen, Hungary
Title of presentation:   
New biotechnological propagation platform from sustainable somatic
embryogenesis: Case study in the most promising green energy crop,
Arundo donax L.

3- Prof. Daniel Dale.
Title of presentation:   
The Land management and Tenure program initiatives of FAORNE for the Near East.

Conference Committee
Prof. Dr. Omar El-Hady
Prof. Dr. Hamdy El-Hussainy Khalifa
Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Atef Sayed
Prof. Dr. Abdel Samad Hegazy

Contacts:All publications should be sent to
Prof. Dr. Hamdy El-Hussainy Khalifa
Prof. Dr. Abdel Samad Hegazy

Tel. & fax: 002035720608

Activities of the conference:
• Oral presentations – Posters and keynote speakers.
• Field day tours in the new land areas.
• A visit to Alexandria citadel and Alexandria Library.

Dead time for the conference:
• Research papers have to be submitted in three hard copies in English and an abstract in Arabic or in Arabic with an abstract in English and with an electronic copy on CD.
• Abstracts dead line: 1.9. 2012.
• Full papers dead line: 1.10. 2012.
• The manuscripts should be written in Win XP-Microsoft word 2003 in A4 size. with Arial font

Topic of the Conference:
1- GIS and data base uses in soils and waters
2- Organic farming and biodiversity
3- Modern trends to reduce soil degradation
4- Economics uses of soil and water resources
5- Fertilizer and water requirements for crops and raise their productivity
6- Biogeochemistry of trace elements in rhizosphere
7- Development and raise the efficiency of farm irrigation and fertilization systems
8- Application of the wastewater reuse in agriculture
9- Modeling and forecasting of agricultural crop productivity under global climate changes
10- Environmental pollution treatment systems and its their sources
11- Development of human skills in the management of soil and water uses.

Objectives of the conference:
1- Scientific and technical exchange between Egyptian and international researchers and university professors of soil and water.
2- Encouragement of the young researchers to publish in global and local scientific journals belong the field of soil, water and environment and their application in arid and semi-arid conditions.
3- Stand up on the modern techniques for soil and water.
4- Recognizing the best technology of land reclamation, fertigation and equipments of agrometeorology.

Conference fees:
Fees Category
500 $ For foreigners
300 $ Arabian and African countries
100 LE Non-members of Egyptian soil science society (without publishing fees)
50 LE Members of Egyptian soil science society (without publishing fees)
Scientific Committee:
Prof. Dr. Foad El-Sherif
Prof. Dr. Adel El-Labody
Prof. Dr. Saber A. Gaheen
Prof. Dr. Shaban N. Shaban
Prof. Dr. Raafat Souror
Prof. Dr. Said Abdel Hafez
Prof. Dr. Saad El-Demardash
Prof. Dr. El-Sayed Gaber
Prof. Dr. Hamdy E. Khalifa
Prof. Dr. Abdel Aziz Sheta
Prof. Dr. Hassan A. Hamza
Prof. Dr. Mohamed A. Ibrahim
Financial Committee:

Prof. Dr. Mohamed A. Metwally
Prof. Dr. Mohamed A. Negm
Prof. Dr. Nasr Gameel
Prof. Dr. Rizk M. Fayed
Prof. Dr. Mohamed N. Hegazy
Prof. Dr. Mahmoud M. Saed

Dr. Ismail A. Ashour
Organizing Committee:

Prof. Dr. Saed E. Hegy
Prof. Dr. Mohamed A. Negm
Prof. Dr. Samia M. El-Marsafawy
Prof. Dr. Abdel Aziz Sheta
Prof. Dr. Yehia G. M. Galal
Prof. Dr. Nabil F. Kandil
Communication Committee:
Prof. Dr. Mohsen Gameh
Prof. Dr. Ahmed A. Taha
Prof. Dr. Shaban M. Abdelrasoul
Prof. Dr. El-Hussiny A. Abou Hussin
Dr. Hassan R. El-Ramady
Prof. Dr. Sabry A. Hegab
Exhibition Committee:

Prof. Dr. Hany M. El-Tabey
Prof. Dr. Aly S. A. Othman
Dr. Hassan R. El-Ramady
Dr. Khaled A. Shaban
Dr. Khaled Abdel Latif
Dr. Hanan E. M. El-Azab